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By The Original Anonymous SFHomeless Yahoo Group, founded in 2007

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   Hello!   My name is James Leonard, co-Founder of the original SFHomeless Yahoo group designed about six years ago to empower our SF homeless shelter residents, staff and policy makers; investigators; journalists to share tips, facts, cases, issues and real life stories to increase awareness.  

To keep everyone busy and focussed on whats most important to  most of us ( 99.9%) in a way that keeps us all safe.   Anonymously.  

The logon codes were shared with a half dozen volunteers who pass on the codes to folks they trust to this very day.  

Our mission was to expose the massive fraud, abuse and corruption affecting tens of thousands of residents caught up in decades of human trafficking, neglect and assault.  

After our groups worked together, we exposed much of it and passed new SF Shelter Standard of Care Laws.  

Our peers and myself have created and moderate many of the SFHomeless group's sites on Flickr, Blogspot, Tumblr,                                                    

In 2012, they've all expanded. Our people know how to write petitions and have created their own world class models for empowerment, protest, occupation and education to stop bank caused mortgage and foreclosure fraud.  

Our folks now get 8 hours of sleep, sheets, blankets and pillows, increased hygiene, nutrition and health standards and ability to plug in cell phones and other necessary devices while staying in tax funded shelters     

The groups' sister sites and others  I've helped set up include SFAwareness Blogspot, SFHomeless on YouTube,  SFHomeless Site,  Occupy SF Petitions Site and contributed to articles like this one about our neighbors in need, Gulf Residents Suffering BP Deepwater Horizon and Corexit Eco System Destruction Victims to increase our awareness of all that harms us.  

Speaking for myself and my community peers, social justice advocates, cannabis patients, vets, elderly and those who suffer at the hands of secrecy and injustice, we do this work because it must be done.  

Unlike the top 1% Elite, we have empathy and cannot stand to suffer or watch others suffering while the rich become filthy rich and destroy our communities with their dreams of excessive policing, taxation, suppression of media and more.  

The consequence of doing this work is having to seek out support to keep this work happening.    We have to pay out about a $100 a month for basics to keep up with action on our streets, at protests, occupations, research and your needs for things like internet access, video memory chips, lots of coffee and space to study, share and publish what you need to hear and see to increase your awareness.  

If you find any of our work valuable, please consider a small non-tax deductible Gift to keep us alive & moving forward with all of you, as one united community.  Please do not donate more than $20 dollars.  You need pocket cash, too! 

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